Living Room Tiles Idea : How to Choose Tiles for Living Room

What part does your living area play a part for you? Usually, it is the heart of the entire home. It is the place you socialize when you have visitors or the place you relax with your loved ones in the evenings. It is only organic then that there are many things you should think when deciding on the floor tiles for your living room. Below are some ideas you should consider helping you know how to choose & where to shop tiles for your living room.

first of all think about style of your room. Have a look through online tiles and flooring sites for images of tiles you like. Try and not go alongside the style of your home – in its place, work with it.

Tiles Size

Small-sized tiles are typically suitable to small domestic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and restrooms.

Room size

Large tiles create a room feel bigger and lighter. Using floor tiles on the walls will make the space seem like more consistent, but you cannot use wall tiles on the flooring. A floor tile will have a tougher glaze and will be made of tougher raw material to withstand traffic. In a tiny room, light-colored tiles will make the room feel larger. If you have a big room, you have more choices; you can prefer from light to brown tiles.

Colour Matter

Consider the typical feel you want to attain in the room you are tiling – tranquil and relaxing or moody and impressive? Unless you have a highlight area such as a splashback, tiles are not usually the focus of a room, but they can add other layout features of a room. In a bathroom you might want a relaxing placing, so go for colours that mix well together. In a kitchen you might want a more exciting option, so choose colours that difference.


Do not ignore the significance of choosing the right grout colour. A different grout will highlight lines and the design, while a plaster in a matching colour as the tile will give a slight effect. Ensure your plastered areas are closed to avoid staining.

Whether you select matt or a glossy finished is a personal choice. A glazed tile is easy-going to clean, whereas a natural terracotta tile has not any glaze and would need a cap to stop staining happening.
Mosaic tile might look strange for a living room area; however, it can really enhance a lot of color, quality, and creativity to your space. It performs well if you like the rest of the room to be plain, and at the same time, you want an increase of color or shape in the room.

Ceramic and porcelain Tiles are modest options for small living rooms, as are all other tiles in white, light brown, or cream. Light colors provide the room a more open view.

When choosing floor tiles for your living room, strength is another important element to consider. Your living room floor not only gets high bottom traffic but is also visible to spills and dropping things that can cause damage.

Porcelain tiles are one of the most durable items you can choose from. They are trickier than usual ceramic tiles and most natural stone tiles. No matter the finish off, the hard body confirms they will retain their original look for an extremely long time to come.

Most porcelain tiles are soiled resistant, which means they are virtually maintenance free. That is because most porcelain tiles are either glazed or pre-sealed hence the surface porosity is kept to minimum.

Aclass has one of the largest ranges of porcelain floor tiles to choose from. Among the most popular titles such as, natural stone look, marble tiles, timber look tiles and large design porcelain tiles.

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