Frequently Asked Questions

Which tiles is best suitable for bathroom?2021-02-01T07:44:07+00:00

You can use both Small tiles and large plain tiles. Both has its own uniqueness. Small tiles are considered the best option for a small bathroom but you should try to avoid busy designs. Large plain tiles can create the illusion of extra space in a compact bathroom and a small amount of tiles will cover a large amount of space quickly.

Which tiles is best for swimming pool?2021-02-01T07:42:57+00:00

The safety of the swimmer is an important criterion for the swimming pool design. when the feet are wet and the feet soles are soft after soaking in water so the swimming pool tiles to be specially designed to suit barefoot usage since the skin is soft and can get hurt easily.

Which is best for bedroom floor?2021-02-01T07:42:19+00:00

The best tiles to use for your bedroom are tiles that are strong in color and contain interesting designs that make your wall stand out from other area of your home.

What kind of tiles best for kitchen?2021-02-01T07:41:50+00:00

You should choose tiles that are durable and scratch resistant, as kitchens are considered to be high-traffic areas. You can match the interiors and units within the kitchen while selecting floor or wall tiles. As per experts better to use small tiles for a smaller kitchen and large tiles for a larger space.

Does my porcelain tile need to be sealed?2021-02-01T07:41:21+00:00

No, you do not need to seal your porcelain tile because these are hard, dense and often have a smooth surface which makes the application of surface sealers almost impossible to penetrate through the tiles as its nonabsorbent.

What tile should I use for outdoor?2021-02-01T07:40:56+00:00

You should use Vitrified tiles for outdoor application. These are ideal but make sure that they are unglazed polish tiles which are known as Heavy duty vitrified tiles Vitrified Matt finish tiles are also ideal choice for outdoor applications.

Will my tiles on floor be too slippery?2021-02-01T07:38:46+00:00

It depends on which type of finish and design you choose for floor. Please choose the finish as per your requirement. We have all the finishes available in our website.

Can I use the floor tiles on my wall?2021-02-01T07:38:15+00:00

Yes, you can use floor tiles on wall but never use a wall tile on floor. Wall tiles are not made to support weight like a floor tile. So, whatever tile you use on your floor can be used on your walls but not vice versa.

Do you have Gloss Finish, Matt Finish and Textured Tiles?2021-02-01T07:37:47+00:00

Yes we have different type of finish for tiles. Tiles finish are used as per your requirement. Gloss and Matt finished are available in most of all type of tiles but Textured finished is available in decorative tiles, stone & marble only

Do You Sell Wooden Floor? Which type of wooden floor?2021-02-01T07:32:33+00:00

Yes, we sell wooden floor. We are selling wide range of wooden floor includes Engineered Timber floors, Solid Timber Floors